Every Tuesday,12-years-old Lois sat in front of her computer.She typed the word,"which one is the most popular,Angry birds,fairly oddparents or planet sheen?" And she find out the results: 96% Angry Birds,82% Fairly OddParents and 44% Planet Sheen.So,Angry Birds is the most favorite and Planet Sheen is the most infavorite.Lois shutted down her computer and headed to her room.She began to think,"Everybody loves Angry Birds because of the addicting game,funny videos,and cute pictures.Even,some people made effs/parodies of Angry Birds.While,the others liked Fairly OddParents because Cosmo and Wanda,two main characters that people love.Even,the lovers of Fairly OddParents is 41% male and 41% female.But I'm was so worried about Planet Sheen.Only 44% people that love them.I didn't like them anyway.I like Fairly OddParents,but my friend Tessie will be angry with me because she is an addict of Planet Sheen.I'm glad to tell Raffa and Isaac that so many people love Angry Birds.I am glad to tell Julius,Bunny Girl,Aillyvia (Ailly) and Tiffany,also the Pleasant Sheep (Rammy,Ewie,CreamyRam) that Angry Birds is popular.I"m also glad that Fairly OddParents is quite famous.I also would like to tell my cousin Maggie that her favorite movie is quite popular,too.We are 2 of the 41% female lovers of Fairly OddParents.But,I'm stuck in Planet Sheen.Should I lie or should I tell the truth? Oh God,help me to fight Giant Confusion!" The next day,Giant Confusion was still living in Lois' mind.So,Lois ran to the park.She saw Raffa and Isaac there.And she said to them,"Hey Raffa and Isaac,you know what,your favorite game Angry Birds is popular! 96% people like it!" Raffa leaped with excitement.Isaac said,"Yheeeei! Me and Raffa,since last May,were looking for how popular Angry Birds is.Now,you tell me.I will tell my sister Irene later.Thanks!" And she left.She saw a taxi and called it.She asked the driver to go to Ailly's house in Modern Garden.When she arrived,she saw Ailly and her friends playing Angry Birds in Ailly's iPad.She said,"Don't you know that the game you're playing is REALLY famous?" and Julius,Bunny Girl,Ailly and Tiffany said,"Yes,we do!" and she headed to the kitchen.She saw Ailly's aunt,Aunt Josie,preparing supper."Auntie,where's the Pleasant Sheep?" and Aunt Josie replied,"Don' t you see them? They're in the Gazebo." So,Lois headed to the Gazebo and saw the Pleasant Sheep.And she tell them what she had told to Ailly and her friends.They seemed so excited.And,when Lois want to find another taxi,she met a girl (about 7-8 years old) running to her."Hi,my name is Anastasha Anwanda.Just call me Wanda.I'm 8 years old.What's your name and how old are you?" Lois answered,"My name is Lilianne Angelica Loisiannie Flamedart.Just call me Lois.I'm 12 years old." Wanda replied,"I want to ask you,how popular is Fairly OddParents? I like them so much until I want to be called as my favorite character in Fairly OddParents,Wanda." Lois answered,"82%." Then,Wanda thanked Lois and ran away.After that,Lois found another taxi.She asked the driver to go to Maggie's house in Bougenville.And when she's there,she told Maggie that Fairly OddParents is quite popular.Maggie thanked her.When Lois got home,she met Tessie down the road.Tessie asked her the most terrorific question ever: "How popular is Planet Sheen?" But now,in her imagination,she took her slingshot and killed Giant Confusion.In reality,she said,"44%".GUESS WHAT? Tessie thanked her.She's not angry.That night,Lois learned the word:

"Speak every man truth with his neighbor ~ Ephesians 4:25."

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