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Assefa large
Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Glimmorian
Age 12-13
Affiliations Sheen Estevez Doppy Mr. Nesmith The Emperor Chock Chock
Occupation Glimmorian Warrior
Homeworld Zeenu
Interests Sheen (love interest and admirer), Chock Chock
Pet(s) Chock Chock
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Banana Quest
Voiced by Soleil Moon Frye

Aseefa is Sheen's first space crush in Planet Sheen. She is voiced by Soleil Moon Frye.


Aseefa is a young and very pretty female Glimmorian warrior. Aseefa has light blue skin with pointed ears. She has pinkish-purple lips and magenta eyes. Aseefa has dark blue eyebrows and long dark blue hair that is styled into braid that goes all the way down to her knees and ends in a yellow band and a brown chained circlet with a gold circle. Aseefa's attire resembles that of a gladiator's. Assefa has a gold-colored sleeveless shirt with a V-shaped collar. She has a brown belt with a gold belt buckle, and a skirt with flaps with gold circles for each flap. There is a pair of short tights underneath her skirt. She has brown strapping sandals that go up to just below her knee.

Relationships Edit

Sheen EstevezEdit

Sheen and Aseefa have a very strong friendship. They both enjoy spending time with each other. Aseefa will sometimes support Sheen on his ideas, no matter how ridiculous they are, and in turn. Sheen will, in turn, help her with conflicts that she couldn't do herself, like looking after her pet or helping her in a dance movement. Aseefa has shown to have a raging crush on him on multiple occasions, much like Sheen has to her and vice versa.

Abilities/Skills Edit

  • Acrobatic Prowess - Aseefa has displayed a expert level of athleticism.
  • Yodeling - Aseefa is shown to be an excellent yodeler in many episodes.
    • Singing - Aseefa may just be a great singer in general
  • Intelligence - Compared to many other characters, Aseefa is one of the brightest characters on the show. She holds considerable knowledge about Zeenu and it's inhabitants.
  • Dancing - Aseefa is shown in Shave the Last Dance for Me to be a great dancer, at least by Zeenuian standards.
  • Combat Skills - Aseefa is greatly able to hold her own when fighting against an opponent. Such as in Act 1, Sheen 1, when Aseefa had repeatedly beaten up Dorkus. She is also shown to have quick reflexes, like in Banana Quest, when Doppy went insane and believed Aseefa's sandals came to life and tried to destroy them with a club. Aseefa was effortlessly able to dodge Doppy's attacks.
    • Physical Strength - Despite Aseefa's rather small build, she is shown to have exceeded strength and is capable of lifting things as heavy or even heavier than herself. For instance she was able to lift and toss Sheen in Shave the Last Dance for Me.
    • Speed and Stamina - Much like Sheen, Aseefa is capable of outrunning many different characters on the show and can maintain that run a period of time.
  • Multilingual - It was revealed in Torzilla that Aseefa is able to fluently speak fourteen languages.
  • Hair Manipulation - It is assumed that Aseefa is able to use her hair like an extra arm.
  • Warrior Face - Aseefa, like many other Glimmorians, can manipulate her face to look like that of a monster's. It is apparently called a "Warrior Face". She also has a "Scary Warrior Face", which is even more scary.


  • Tahlak Pow - In Raging Belle, Aseefa goes through a rite of passage for Glimmorian girls called a Tahlak Pow. When in a Tahlak Pow, Aseefa goes into a monster-like state in which she grows into a larger size, grows more powerful, and much more aggressive. Aseefa is unable to control herself when in this state. Fortunately, this only happens once.
  • Roove - It is revealed in Feeling Roovy, that Glimmorians have a creature living in there throats called a Roove, which gives the Glimmorian the ability to yodel. Without it, Glimmorians will loose there sense of direction and sight, become clumsy, and will burp excessively.


Assefa is a Glimmorian warrior.She has a pet Chocktow named Chock Chock whom she cares for very much. She is Sheen's first love interest in the show but he never tells her and she doesn't even know he likes her. She is a tough girl who no one should mess with.

Trivia Edit

  • Aseefa slightly resembles Neytiri from the popular film "Avatar", but it is a coincidence as her character was designed before the film was released.

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