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Assefa large
Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Zeenuian
Affiliations Sheen Estevez Doppy Mr. Nesmith The Emperor Chock Chock
Occupation Glimmorian Warrior
Homeworld Zeenu
Interests Sheen, Chock Chock
Pet(s) Chock Chock
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Banana Quest
Voiced by Soleil Moon Frye

Aseefa is Sheen's first space crush in Planet Sheen. She is voiced by Soleil Moon Frye.


Aseefa is a young female Glimmorian. She is considered very pretty. She has light blue skin, pointed ears, dark blue hair that is long enough that it's up to her knees, but wears it in a braid with a yellow band, and magenta eyes. Her outfit consists of a golden v-neck, a light brown belt with a gold circle on it, a slightly darker brown skirt that resembles a gladiator's with more golden circles on each flap, brown strapping sandals that are a little bit below her knee, and a circlet with a brown chain with a golden circle on it.


Assefa is a Glimmorian warrior.She has a pet Chocktow named Chock Chock whom she cares for very much. She is Sheen's first love interest in the show but he never tells her and she doesn't even know he likes her. She is a tough girl who no one should mess with.


  • Aseefa slightly resembles Neytiri from the popular film "Avatar", but it is a coincidence as her character was designed before the film was released.
  • It is hinted in many episodes that Aseefa may have a crush on Sheen.

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