Series Name
Season 1, Episode 52
Air date Febuary 15,2013
Episode Guide
Breath Wish
Sugar in the Rush (Season 2)

Banana Quest is the 51st episode,and the series finale of Planet Sheen.


Sheen, Doppy,and Assefa have to enslave the banana-human hybrid race for their own economic gain. Doppy is the hands on slave master, he's not afraid to use his whip to get the banamans in line. Bear Grylls makes a surprise appearance in this episode to save his banana half brother. Halfway through the episode Bear Grylls is ruthlessly killed by Sheen in an act of terror. Sheen tears his eyes out, then pours Mountain Dew Baja Blast into his eye holes. Sheen finally escapes alcatraz and is truly a complete and wholesome episode, family friendly.


  • Although this is the series finale,Sheen does not return to Earth. It is unknown if he'll ever go home. However, in the Jimmy Neutron episode, "The Tommorrow Boys", it implies that he DID return to Earth. However, the futures were just predictions, so it doesn't mean it will happen. There's also speculation that Planet Sheen may be non-canon, but this isn't confirmed, as of the present time. 
    • There was going to be a TV movie about Jimmy and the gang going to save Sheen, but it was cancelled due to low ratings.
  • Another reason the show was cancelled early was due to production costs and the writers moving on.
  • Sheen was inspired by political prisoner, Bobby shmurda free bobby

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