It was a late night I couldn’t sleep, so I decided I would make a midnight snack and watch some tv. I was flipping through the channels, you know how late night TV is, paid programing and a few random shows here and there. I came upon a channel that I had never seen before; I did not think anything of it. I saw that Planet sheen was coming on next so I was going to watch it, who doesn’t love Planet sheen? The microwave went off and my popcorn was done, so I went into the kitchen and got a drink and poured my popcorn into a bowl. When I came back into my room the episode had begun the coloring was off, but I just figured that it was the channel. I proceeded to watch the show; it began as normal catching sing along intro but it cut short it began with "dorkus" planing evil plain now here's where it got "deturbing" he said to this builder guy to build a trap everybody goes in and "dorkus" pulls a lever it goes black and you could hear the emperor's and the "zenuyins" scream it cuts back with everybody dead chopped in half then it cuts to sheen in the trap then he says oh my f**king ultra lord its a trap! then he get his body cut in half his head falls off and you could see dorkus hanged then the episode ends the next day I wanted to show the station to my friend, but it was gone like it was never there. Ever since that night I have not watched another late night television show.

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