Doo wup doo wup monkey monkey boing is a transition screen used in most of the planet sheen episodes.

After some scenes in episodes,sheen will appear in a green screen saying "doo wup doo wup monkey monkey boing!

Episodes it was used in:

  • Cutting the Ultra-Cord
  • Keeping Up With t he Gronzes
  • Torzilla
  • Thanksgetting
  • There's something about scary
  • Act 1 sheen 1
  • Washing my sheen
  • Stuck in the riddle with you
  • Desperate houseguests
  • Sheen says
  • Hippocratic oaf
  • Expresheeniasm
  • Well oiled fighting ma-sheen
  • He went hataway
  • Tounge tied
  • Berry big trouble
  • Scrap doat
  • Haute cuisheen
  • Breath wish
  • Raging belle

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