Nesmith large

Nesmith the space chimp.
Personal Information
Aliases Mr. Monkey
Mr. Nesmith
Gender Male
Species Talking Monkey
Age 20
Affiliations Sheen Estevez, The Emperor, Doppy, Aseefa
Occupation Space monkey
Homeworld Earth
Residence Sheen's home
Interests Science, Math, English, Fixing rockets
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Banana Quest
Voiced by Bob Joles

Mr. Nesmith is a space chimp that has been trapped on Planet Zeenu since the 1990s. He is voiced by Bob Joles.


Mr. Nesmith is a brilliant American chimp who has no choice but to take Sheen seriously and help him find his way on Planet Zeenu. After all, Sheen's ship is the first shot he's had at getting home in 20 years! Mr. Nesmith is a master of all things intellectual -- math, science, sudoku, you name it -- who has been camped out on Planet Zeenu since his rocket crashed there back in the '90s. Though he may not be the world's most tolerant monkey when it comes to Sheen's antics, Nesmith's rocket fixing skills make him one of our hero's only tickets back to Earth.Though, he is really smart, he is only seen by everyone, even Sheen, as a pet.