Season 1, Episode 0
Air date January 2, 2014
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Pilot is the first episode of Planet Sheen.


One day, Sheen sneaks into Jimmy's lab and accidentally launches himself into outer space and crash-lands on the planet Zeenu. The Emperor of Zeenu mistakes him for a genius and appoints him his Super High Royal Supreme Advisor. Also, a 7-ft.-tall princess who happens to be the Emperor’s daughter falls in love with him, the powerful and evil Dorkus vows to destroy him and he befriends a talking space chimp—all on one day!





  • When Sheen was about to go into space, glass came on top of him. In the original series, everyone can breath in space. Which means while Jimmy was making the rocket, he might've forgot about his discovery. Either that or he put the glass so the pilot wouldn't fly out because it goes really fast and there is no seatbelt.
  • The series was being in production since 2009, and in the episode, Nesmith said he crashed on Zeenu 40 years ago, but in Nesmith's profile, it says he crashed on Zeenu 50 years ago due to the show premiering in 2010.
  • When Sheen was imagining himself that the whole thing was all a dream, Otis and Pig from Back at the Barnyard appeared waving at Sheen walking by his window, but didn't say anything. Also, he said he'll be milking the pig, but it was actually supposed to be milking Otis.
  • This TV spin-off also went with Butch Hartman's T.U.F.F Puppy, where Jerry Trainor from iCarly voices the main character, Dudley Puppy.
  • Some scenes from the episode was featured in the promos.
  • The full episode can be seen at
  • The episode in the credits was credited as "Planet Sheen".
  • This is the first episode where Dorkus' house gets destroyed. (It's also the very first episode)
  • Nesmith said he crashed on to Zeenu like a way to the Space Shuttle Colbia accident.
  • Jimmy's lab made an appearance in this episode.
  • Sheen wasn't hurt, but he had to go to the bathroom.

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