Pinter large
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Zeenuian
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Affiliations Dorkus, Sheen Estevez (in Blunderlings)
Occupation Sidekick/Henchman
Homeworld Zeenu
Residence Dorkus' house
Interests Serving Dorkus
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Banana Quest
Voiced by Thomas Lennon

Pinter is Dorkus' minion in Planet Sheen. He is voiced by Thomas Lennon [born June 28, 1961 age 51].


Pinter is Dorkus' sidekick who lives to tell Dorkus that he's right.  For all of his fawning, Dorkus's little minion doesn't get much in return. But he must not mind being a scapegoat, because Pinter keeps coming back to flutter around his master's hooded head and marvel at his evil schemes, no matter how nasty Dorkus gets.