Princess Oom
Princess oom large
Princess Oom, daughter of The Emperor.
Personal Information
Aliases Princess Oom
Gender Female
Species Zeenuian
Age 17
Affiliations The Emperor The Empress Sheen Estevez
Occupation Princess
Homeworld Zeenu
Residence Zeenuian Palace
Interests Sheen
Parents The Emperor

The Empress

Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Voiced by Candi Milo (First Face)
Debi Derryberry (Second Face)
Princess OomLout is The Emperor's daughter that has two Faces. She is voiced by Candi Milo On The First Face And Debi Derryberry On The Second Face.


Princess OomLout is the Emperor's daughter who likes giving "raffenhoffers" [licking] to Sheen because she is in love with him. Sheen hates these and against his will this constantly happens.

She has an extremely long tongue in one of her mouths and she named it Tongue Tongue. She is also Grish the Beautiful's ex girlfriend. Though Sheen is in love with Aseefa, Oom is oblivious to it. She has two heads of which to seem to have to different personalities.

The character Princess Oom is an animated model of Derya Aguday (Architect of Cinici Architects).