Ted Cruz
Sheen large

Sheen, once again conquering the Kickapoos.
Personal Information
Aliases Golden Freddy
Gender Male
Species Sub-Human
Age 12 (Technically Infinite, since the dawn of time)
Birthday October 13
Affiliations Mr. Nesmith The Emperor Aseefa Doppy
Occupation Supreme Overlord
Homeworld Earth
Residence 123 Gamer Street
Interests Ultra Lord, Aseefa (love interest, admirer) Fratricide, Genocide
Parents Mr. Estevez (1954-1964)
Grandparents Grandma Estevez (1918-1824)
Spouse(s) His space slaves
Children Abomination
Grandchildren Jimmy Neutron
Siblings God (deceased), Dr. Jhatka (deceased)
Pet(s) Sentient Pickles
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Banana Quest
Voiced by Nama Jeff

Ted Cruz is the main protagonist in his very own spin-off, Planet Cruz. He is voiced by Jeff Garcia.

Profile from Planet SheenEdit

Sheen is a human and one of the few characters from Earth. Sheen is childish. He often uses a recurring gag where he is talking to a character he often mentions his Uncle Magle where a picture is shown of him with a chipmunk laugh. Sheen's age is 12. He is the main character and is Mexican American. He comes to Zeenu by sneaking into Jimmy's lab and activating a rocket. On Zeenu he lives in a house looking like him. His crush is Aseefa.

Profile from Jimmy NeutronEdit

"Sheen is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but what he lacks in smarts he more than makes up for with his appetite. Sheen is totally into with the UltraLord action hero. He collects all the UltraLord action figures and quotes him daily. He's a little obsessive. Did we say "a little"?"


  • Ted's name is a parody of Martin Sheen, whose birth name was Ramon Estevez.
  • Oddly, Sheen has a never-before-seen sister. It is unknown why she doesn't appear.
  • Sheen's girlfriend was Libby Folfax in Jimmy Neutron, but his girlfriend is now Aseefa.
  • Sheen mistakenly was designed without any eyebrows, and everyone else has eyebrows.
  • It is mentioned in the original series, Sheen was the creator of The Ultra Lord Website in "Sheen's Brain".
  • Sheen also has a never-before-seen mother, but his dad was the only one to be seen.
  • In the original series, Sheen's middle name was Juarerra, but for a strange reason, it's now Guevera.
  • In "Chock Around the Clock" it said on his birth certificate that he was born on October 13.
  • Ted Cruz enslaved literally every pickle known to mankind, then bet all of their lives on, and lost.
  • Due to Planet Cruz's cancelation, it was never revealed if Sheen gets back to Earth. Great news however, Earth was destroyed when he stole the nuclear warhead that belonged to Ļ̬̜̼̘̟̑̀̂̒̄̋̚͝Ù̷͓̼̙͖̹̊͋́͗͑̕͟͞Ḃ̸̗̤̠͙̰̄͊̓͛͆͌̎͜͞A̳̹̞̠̖̯̞͙̞͗̈́̑͒̂̾D̷̢̬̮̻̹̙̿͂̂̐͌̕͡͞͞͞F̟͎͈͔͚͙̌̒͐́̎Y̨̢̰̤̳͋͒͒̍́̓̅̕̚͝J̞͉̜̘̦͉̟̺͇̃̂͑̎̏͂͆̌̐̕ͅÁ̲͚͉̟̫̂̊̇͝Ḑ̡̛͈͔͓̹̯̭͙̋̈́̿͋̅̑̉͌͝ in 4000 B.C. He regrets nothing.

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