"The Boy Next Dorkus"
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date January 9, 2010
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The Boy Next Dorkus is the third episode of the new nickelodeon show planet sheen.


Sheen moves next door to Dorkus and has a party with almost everybody from Zeenu. Dorkus also has a very lame party, then everyone else there goes to Sheen's party, and then Dorkus has this plan to destroy sheen. His bomb that he gave Sheen blows up his house.

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Trivia/goofs Edit

Tronald dump is a parody of Donald Trump. This was the first episode to feature all of the Aliens in it. Tronald Dump later appears in To kill a mocking blurg. Most of the aliens are shown in this episode. This episode, however, does not have Aseefa in it.