Emperor large
The ruler of Zeenu.
Personal Information
Aliases The Emperor *gibberish* the 23rd
Gender Male
Species Zeenuian
Age 30
Affiliations Princess Oom Dorkus Sheen Estevez Mr. Nesmith Doppy Aseefa The Empress
Occupation Emperor
Homeworld Zeenu
Residence Zeenuian Palace
Interests Doing everything Sheen does, ordering people around
Spouse(s) The Empress
Children Princess Oom
Pet(s) Beebaw
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Voiced by Fred Tatasciore
The Emperor is the leader of Planet Zeenu in Planet Sheen. He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


The Emperor is a jolly purple lump who couldn't be happier to have Sheen Estevez on Planet Zeenu. In the Emperor's eyes, Sheen is the mythological bearer of peace, prosperity and joy whose arrival is foretold in the Book of Great Goodness. Sheen is a miracle! And even though any Jimmy Neutron fan will tell you that Sheen is far from miraculous -- he's kind of a dope! -- somehow he manages to live up to the Emperor's heroic expectations, defeating terrible beasts and bringing happiness to Zeenu. When he sees what the Earthling is capable of, the Emperor not only promotes Sheen to top adviser, but he also tries to set him up with his daughter Princess Oom! Unfortunately these actions make the Emperor's former top gun, Dorkus, unhappy if not incredibly annoyed.

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