Series Name
Season 1, Episode 6b
Air date November 28, 2010
Episode Guide
Cutting the Ultra-Cord
Act 1, Sheen 1

Trial by Jerry is the 6th episode of the first Season of Planet Sheen.


Sheen introduces the justice system to Zeenu when Mr. Nesmith is accused of eating The Emperor’s pet, Bee-Baw.





Beh bahs song became very popular this episode is smilar to the spongebob sqarepants episode krabs vs plakton the music played at every pause is herd in crimanal minds when Bobb tells every body in the court that he says that he saw Nesmith his big long pece o hear is brown insted of dark blue if you look cloesly when sheen goes up to the Emperor the Emperors gable that he had in his hand disepers also there is an animation error that was showed when sheen and nesmith where confusd at the end of this episode the fethures in the pilow that Nesmith ate where actrlly dezied to look like Beh bahs fethures near the end of this episode if you look clocly you can see a group of animals that look a lot like Beh bah when sheen enters the palce the cage that held Beh bah dispareces though in the next scene it is there again the tower of twenty years might be the same hing about tower that Doppy his parets and Asefa were in in the episode theres something about scary sheen some how proved it th

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